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Glory to the brave! Honour to the brave!

This is what it looks like when a self-published author wins third price for his novel. To his left, first price winner Kaj Karlsson and second price winner Lars Ström.

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On site

In Gothenburg. Nervous like hell for tomorrow. I simply loath crowds and social attention. On the other hand: This could be my fifteen seconds of something related to fame. More to follow.

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A black hole of my very own

Here I go again. Down. Dark. Shattered. I wish I knew why this comes over me. I shouldn’t be depressed, not now: We’re going to Gothenburg for the annual book fair (and for a reason so positive that I’m not … Läs mer

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A good reason to read

It’s over. After an evening full of professional pressure, annoying mistakes and a general feeling of anti-climax, the 2014 election to the Swedish parliament is done. More than half a million Swedes voted for the Swedish Democrats. More men than … Läs mer

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The stupidity of some

Election-night in Sweden. Reporting live from the headquarters of Swedish newspaper SvD. It looks like a ”leftist” coalition will take over, which makes me happy! The last eight years of ”policy for the strong” has scarred the country. The real … Läs mer

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The spiritual value of food

Commercial cut: Torgny Lindgrens Hash (Pölsan) is another example of his peerless language and imagination. Split into two timelines it tells the story of an old newswriter who tells the story of how Lars Högström and Robert Maser went on … Läs mer

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An almost criminal redefinition of quality

It happens regularly: the debate about literary quality surfaces in one of the Facebook-groups I belong to. The result is always the same: I descend into depression. Why? Because there is a large crowd out there who seriously believe that … Läs mer

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A reviewer not impressed

Ah, there it is, the first somewhat negative review of my novel, Brother soul, sister flame (Broder själ, syster flamma, buy it at Bokus). It’s Swedish writer Eva Holmquist, author of, among other stories, It’s not as easy as you … Läs mer

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