The stupidity of some

Election-night in Sweden. Reporting live from the headquarters of Swedish newspaper SvD. It looks like a “leftist” coalition will take over, which makes me happy! The last eight years of “policy for the strong” has scarred the country.

The real problem, however, is that 10 percent of Swedes that are allowed to vote believe that our problems can be solved if we recieve fewer refugees and immigrants. That’s about 700 000 so-called adult who are so afraid that they go for the easy “solution”! Deeply tragic, deeply shameful! In the wake of Sverigedemokraternas (The Swedish Democrats; I know, it sounds alright, doesn’t it? Believe me: it isn’t!) success movements even farther to the right are gaining support. Outspoken nazis. And our incompetent, stupid politicians didn’t see it coming!

About cgripenvik

Jag är litteratör och gav ut min debutroman "Broder själ, syster flamma" 2014. Den följdes av barnboken "Emma: Flykten från träsket" 2015. Den här bloggen handlar om mitt försök att förverkliga min dröm och om min syn på litteratur i allmänhet.
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