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Some thoughts on the strangeness of worlds

This is a comment I tried to post as a reply to the following post on Victoria [V.E] Schwabs blog: https://veschwab.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/the-first-100-pages-were-build-up-or-the-fantasy-writers-dilemma/ For some reason, it didn’t work, so I’m publishing it here instead. After all, this is home. The subject … Fortsätt läsa

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An agony of choice

Stumbling on the finishing line with Emma & The Bag Men I find myself hard pressed for a decision: Which cover concept should I go for? And as always I turn to vox populi för guidence. These are the cover … Fortsätt läsa

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The first analysis of ”Brother soul, sister flame”

Pernilla Lindgren, author of the fantasy novel Alvhilda, has finished her analysis of my novel Brother soul, sister flame. The book comes out pretty well, with the exception of the skin-colour issue. Interesting reading. Therefore: read it. Do it HERE. … Fortsätt läsa

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