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Touching mission of a de-missionary man

Commercial cut: In Norrlands Akvavit Swedish writer Torgny Lindgren says good-bye to his fictional universe of Avabäck. An old man returns to correct a mistake: In his youth he was a minister, saving the inhabitants in the name of Jesus. … Läs mer

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Brilliant portrayal of the lack of brilliance

Commercial cut: Torgny Lindgren’s Klingsor is a remarkable novel, written in the author’s typical language and very moving. Tragedy and comedy in one package it delivers a punch to my stomach that keeps aching for days. The story about the … Läs mer

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Sounding the depth of ordinary evil

Commercial cut: Torgny Lindgrens novel Sweetness (Hummelhonung) is a great work of literature. While occasionally revolting it’s also poetic and beautiful, firmly establishing Lindgren as one of the most important Swedish writers today. The story about a woman who spends a … Läs mer

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