I bokform

Emma: Flykten från träsket (2015)

Broder själ, syster flamma (2014)

På webben

These are a few of the stories I have written and published online, either here on the blog or on other sites, such as Kapitel1.

Read, and speak your mind! Criticism makes better writers. I think.

Den anvisade platsen/ The Place You’ve Been Assigned (radioteater/radioplay)

Den anvisade platsen/The Place You’ve Been Assigned (manus/script)

Holmen/The Islet (novell/short story)

Svartöga/Black Eye (novell/short story)

Den talande väggen/The Whispering Wall (skräcknovell/horror short story)

Dammbyggarna/ The Dam Builders (novell/short story)

Vergan och Harglon/Vergan and Harglon (saga, folk tale)

En tjuv i redet/A Thief in the Nest (novell/short story)

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