Broder själ, syster flamma/Brother soul, sister flame

Broder själ syster flamma cover

My literary debut Brother soul, sister flame (Broder själ, syster flamma) was published in january 2014. It can be purchased (or ordered) from any well-stocked book-store. It’s also published as an e-book (epub). Why not start at Bokus or Adlibris?

At the moment the novel only exists in Swedish, but if you think it sounds interesting, feel free to contact your favourite publisher and ask them why the hell they haven’t published it in your particular language!

”It’s a fantasy – but it’s so much more! A reality-fantasy! A brutal depiction of real life, set in a fantasy world. […] I think it’s a magnificent work of literature.”
Åsa Böker, author of fantasy novel ”Nordland”.

Hvárek and Naike, brother and sister, flees from poverty and violence. Scarred for life by their childhood they try to start again in the wealthy city by the lake. But before long the city shows it’s true colours and the struggle for survival tears even the strongest of bonds. Which way would you choose when the oppression becomes overwhelming? How many people are you ready to kill for what you believe in? Are you ready to sacrifice your brother or your sister?

”[…] where others are content with modeling their story on out history, directly transferring values and oppressions without any further reflection on the state of things, Gripenvik uses it as a starting point for writing about gender perspectives and class issues, without getting too polemic. Sure, it’s a fantasy story about suffering and misery, but their is an angry, cocky undertone that infects the dialogue in a very good way.”
Swedish Zombie.

Brother soul, sister flame is a novel about people with power, and people without, pitting individuals against community, and about the right to dream and fight for justice and a better life. A struggle that always comes with a price.

”The novel exposes how traditions are used to uphold injustices and inequities.”

“This is a well processed novel, written with commitment.”
Amanda Franzén, lecteur on BTJ (Swedish library service).

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